Small Business Administration’s EDWOSB & WOSB Certification Process

SBA has rolled out a new process for free online certification as a WOSB and EDWOSB. Here is an account of how this process went for The Westmoreland Group. (Updated 12/23/2020) 


May 2020 

The WOSB and EDWOSB Contracting Program regulations were published online. The highlight of these new regulations is a free, online certification process. Sound hassle free right? I am a woman and I am economically disadvantaged according to the requirements hence I am eligible for this business designation. 

July 2020 

EDWOSB Initial Application submitted online at – this included attaching the requested documents. Here are some of the documents requested when you walk through the online application: 

1. Tax Returns (past 3 years) 

2. W2 (past 3 years) 

3. Retirement Account Statements 

4. Resume

5. IRS Form 4506T (this is a request for tax transcripts)

6. Passport (owner) 

As a legally operating business in the State of Maryland all of these documents we already had on file which made it pretty straight forward to complete the initial application. 

October 2020

I received a letter from the SBA (WOSB Program Analyst) stating that my initial application had been screened and found to be incomplete for further processing. Therefore, my application would be returned and that I had until 10/12/2020 to address the missing items. A note in this letter states that a full list of documents required for eligibility can be found at 13 CFR 127 Part B (no link included). The following documents were found to missing and incomplete in my application: 

1. Operating Agreement 

2. Articles of Organization 

I uploaded these documents the same day just under an hour after I received the communication and currently the status of my applicant is PENDING. 

Note: I walked through the online application step by step uploading the required documents and filling in the information requested and at that time there was NOT a request for an Operating Agreement and there was NOT a request for Articles of Organization. I understand this is a new process and there will be updates along the way, this is just a record of my experience. 

December 2020

I received a letter from SBA stating that my initial application has been approved for certification. This is wonderful news because I was able to navigate this process for free and succeed. This certification will help set my firm apart from others when competing for government contract awards. Here is a small section of the correspondence:

“Congratulations! Your firm has been certified as an Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB) by the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) for the Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program (WOSB Program), as set forth in Title 13, Part 127 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).”




Making Government Work for TWG, 

Sophoria Westmoreland 

One thought on “Small Business Administration’s EDWOSB & WOSB Certification Process

  1. Just Karamel says:

    I have a similar story with regards to the SBA 8(a) application. My application was returned as well for my failing to submit information that was never requested. I immediately contacted and – only to be told specific questions regarding an 8(a) application should be submitted within the application. Except – there was no place to submit a question and both of those emails were within the application. Lastly, I simply don’t have a place to respond to the ‘additional requested information’ — since it’s not actually requested in the application, how can I respond to it. And what small business, especially during COVID can spend thousands of dollars to ‘a handful of 8(a) vendors’ to assist with the application processing? I will continue to persevere — thank you.


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